What is white cardboard, single copper paper, double copper paper? What are their characteristics?

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White cardboard is a kind of strong and thick paper with large quantity. Once upon a time, someone planned to divide paper, cardboard and paperboard on the basis of quantity; In the early years, in Shanghai shopping malls, white thick paper (smooth surface, calendered, high stiffness, also known as thin board) with a ration of about 200g / m2 was called weighing paper. In fact, it is also a kind of paper jam. The most common card does not color, commonly known as white card. If the color, according to the color called color card.

The main purpose of white card paper is to print business cards, certificates, invitation cards, covers, calendar and postcards.

White card paper surnamed "white", so the whiteness requirements are very high, a whiteness is not less than 92%, B whiteness is not less than 87%, C whiteness is not less than 82%. If the whiteness exceeds 90%, it's a little "bright".

White card paper also requires high stiffness, bursting resistance and smoothness (except for white card paper with embossed pattern). The paper surface shall be smooth, free of streaks, spots and other paper defects, and free of warpage and deformation.

The market of white cardboard in China is good. In the past, many foreign hotels and joint ventures used white cardboard imported from abroad. Nowadays, the rise of Ningbo Zhonghua paper industry has changed the situation that imported paper dominates China's white cardboard market. Ningbo Zhonghua Paper Co., Ltd. adopts bleached chemical wood pulp, first-class processing equipment and advanced technology. Therefore, the quality of finished products is extremely excellent, comparable with imported products, while the price is far lower than imported products.

Single copper paper has bright surface, uniform coating, fast ink absorption, good printability and fine color printing. For the purpose of fine printing, the surface of base paper is coated and polished by super calender.

Double copper paper is divided into one-sided coated paper and double-sided coated paper. According to the Japanese paper classification standard, the coating amount of each side is more than 10g / m2. It is one of the most commonly used papers in the cultural publishing, advertising design, printing and binding, and industrial and commercial industries

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