Development direction of printing paper in the 21st century

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In the 21st century, printing paper can be said to be a big cake in the printing market. If you want to share a part of this cake, it is not easy. Continuous innovation is needed to make printing paper develop towards high quality, superior sense and high performance. This is the development direction of printing paper in the new century.

All printing companies need printing paper. Printing paper is the paper for printing. Without printing paper, a complete printing production can not be completed. Printing paper is an indispensable material in the printing industry, and the economic value it brings is also considerable. The manufacturers who can provide printing paper for various enterprises will bring continuous income. Commonly used printing paper in China are: coated paper, offset paper, trademark paper, kraft paper, corrugated paper, paper bag paper, cellophane, moisture-proof paper, white cardboard, etc.

It is understood that coated paper is a coating made of pigment, adhesive and auxiliary materials, which is coated on the surface of paperboard by special equipment. After drying and calendering, a smooth and dense coating is formed on the paper surface to obtain coated paper with good surface performance and printing performance. Used for cigarette case, label, carton, etc. Coated paper is one of the most commonly used printing paper.Offset paper is mainly single-sided offset printing paper, super calendered offset paper, its smoothness, tightness is better than ordinary calendered offset paper, printed text, pattern can be pasted with yellow paper into a carton. Trademark paper has white surface and good printing performance. It is used to make trademark mark. These different printing papers have different uses. If we want to profit from these printing papers, we should not only understand the basic knowledge of these papers, but also understand the consumption and overall development of paper.

With the development of social economy, people's material living standard has been improved, and the requirements for commonly used articles in life are also higher. People also hope to buy some paper with good feel and texture, so that they can enjoy the beauty through reading and browsing printed matter. Therefore, the variety and quality of paper must be constantly innovated and improved. At present, the variety of paper has changed a lot, some old products have been eliminated, new products continue to appear.

In the 21st century, with the continuous development of science and technology and economy, paper is also developing. The development trend of paper is towards high quality and high quality. It should first meet the requirements of multi-color printing, improve the strength and reduce the quantity, and constantly improve the optical and surface properties of paper, and increase the amount of fillers and pigments, At the same time, all kinds of effective chemical aids can be used.Finally, it should be able to adapt to the requirements of new printing ink, printing process and printing equipment, with good printability and operation efficiency, and create conditions for the continuous expansion of the use of recycled fiber pulp (DIP). The development trend of these papers can be summarized as: high use, high quality and low cost. Firmly put an end to the production of some crisp, through printing, hair, dust, spots, net marks, powder and other problems of the paper.

The use of paper is everywhere, can also be all pervasive, all industries, all personnel will come into contact with these printing paper, as long as your manufacturers can achieve high quality, multi-purpose and low cost, will be able to give full play to their advantages in the market, the market will also give you a broad sky.

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