Four-pin full-color LED

Four-pin full-color LED

Photocurrent: 50-500uA; Dark current: less than 10nA, environmentally friendly products instead of photoresistor CDS

Product details

Can avoid listening to interference on the same frequency.

[Power saving function] When no signal is received or no operation is performed, the walkie-talkie will enter the power saving mode to reduce power consumption and extend the battery standby time.

[Low battery alarm function] When the battery is low, the voice will automatically remind the user to charge. Time-out timer (TOT) function The timer limits the time of each radio transmission, saves electricity, reduces the degree of channel congestion, and can also avoid the phenomenon of occupying the channel for a long time due to careless use.

[Computer programming function] Connect the intercom with the computer through the link cable, which can read and write the frequency and set the function parameters.


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